Overseas Study

Singapore International School believes that cultural intelligence and international skills are critical for success in a globalized world. Our Overseas Study opportunities are designed to support the development of cultural intelligence and international skills in our students.

Study Tours

Study tours are part of the extra-curricular programme provided at Singapore International School. These Tours are organised annually during the July vacation for staff and students.

The target students for the Singapore Study Tour are Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students while the USA study tour is for Year 10 students upwards.

The usual organisational sequence for a study tour is as follows:

  • Study tour letters and survey forms are sent home about three months prior to the study tour
  • A briefing session for parents interested in registering their child for the study tour is conducted
  • Staff are selected to accompany students on the study tour
  • Registration forms, fees, and other required documents are collected about two months before the study tour and applications for student and staff visas are made if necessary
  • A second briefing session is conducted about a fortnight before departure to inform parents of all final arrangements.

By participating in these tours, students have the opportunity to study and integrate with students of our partner schools. The tours also provide them with chances to learn about the nature, country, culture and people of the host country.