Admission policy / requirements

Singapore International School enrolls both foreign and Vietnamese students.

Vietnamese and foreign students can be enrolled in the Integrated Programme which commences at Pre-nurse and extends to Year 9. On completion of Year 9, Vietnamese students join the International Programme and continue to University Foundation.

The Integrated Programme provides students with the Vietnamese curriculum taught by qualified local teachers plus International English, Social Studies, Physical Education, The Arts and ICT taught by qualified foreign teachers.

Enrolment requirements

Enrolment of students in the Integrated programmes is subject to the following requirements:

  • Students are placed in a specific year level according to age after consideration of the placement test results and class vacancies.
  • To facilitate a high standard of teaching and learning, the class size is maintained according to school regulartion for each programme.
  • If parents already have one or more siblings studying at the school, priority will be given to a new sibling, pending available places.

Enrolment documents

Documents required for enrolment include:

  • 4 passport photographs of the child
  • Previous School’s Report Cards / Academic Transcripts
  • Copy of the child’s Birth Certificate (certified Birth Certificate) and Passport
  • Copy of the parents’ Passport or I.D. Card
  • Health Check Certificate / Vaccination Record (Vaccination Record is relevant to KIK students only)

Copy of the Accident Insurance Plan for the child (if parents wish to opt out of the School Insurance plan)