Student Protection & Safeguarding

Student Protection

The welfare and best interests of children is paramount in our school and all students attending KinderWorld settings have a right to protection from harm.  KinderWorld upholds the principles set out in the UN Charter of the Rights of the Child and is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment, the prevention of harm to students, to respond appropriately to concerns of harm and to promote the knowledge and awareness to safeguard our students.

Our school environment and facilities are designed for safety with high visibility a feature of classrooms and CCTV installations providing comprehensive coverage of all other areas of the school.

A school nurse is available on-site and students have access to the Student Protection Contact Officer / Guidance counsellors.

Reporting Child Harm

Concerns about situations or incidents of harm or neglect of children are reported to trusted staff who are appointed as Student Protection Contacts.  All such reports are treated seriously and referred to the Principal.  We adopt a partnership approach with parents and other support providers to respectfully intervene to safeguard student welfare.

Personal Safety and Protective Behaviours

Throughout the academic year, students are taught about healthy choices and safe environments.  A school wide Virtues programme and lessons focused on personal safety and protective behaviours are included in the school curriculum.


All staff are required to participate in student protection training which is conducted annually.  This training includes standards for professional conduct and requirements for reporting child harm.

Staff Recruitment

We adopt stringent recruitment procedures and requirements for employment in our school.  This includes a police background check, internet background search, referee reports and personal interview.  Staff must provide certified qualifications and disclose any criminal history before employment is offered.