Integrated Programme

The Integrated Programme is designed specifically to meet the needs of Vietnamese students.  It allows students to study the mandatory Vietnamese curriculum from Year 1 through to Year 9 as well as key learning areas of the International curriculum.

Through such collaboration, students enrolled in the Vietnamese education programme under Children World Primary and Junior High School are provided with an opportunity to study not only the mandatory Vietnamese MOET curriculum but also key learning areas of the International curriculum.

  • Ministry of Education & Training (MOET) prescribed Vietnamese curriculum
  • Heavy focus on English skills (English + English Proficiency Programme)
  • Chinese language study offered
  • Essential soft-skills are built through the International curriculum elements, including cooperative learning, team work, research skills, critical thinking, time management and study skills
  • A school-wide Virtues Programme reinforces values and builds strong character traits
  • ICT skills and e-learning methods are included from early years to final years
  • Preschool


    KinderWorld provides Pre-school education for children from 18 months to below 6 years.

    Integrated Classes are led by qualified Vietnamese teachers and conducted in English.

    Our Kindergarten program is designed to help each child reach their full potential in an environment that is challenging, secure and nurturing. This is an exciting entry into your child’s formal education and it is our hope that it will be a very positive beginning!

    We believe that young children learn through active, purposeful interactions with a wide variety of learning materials and activities which develop the growth of the whole child. Because young children are concrete learners, they need to be able to learn by using all their senses and by trying things out on their own.

    Learning is based around 8 key learning areas listed below. The learning goals are sequential in order with program goals building upon each other from Nursery all the way through to Prep.

    Developmental Skills:

    • Physical, Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development

     Academic Subjects:

    • English Language & Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • ICT
    • Social Studies / Science
    • Vietnamese

    Specialist Subjects:

    • PE
    • Music
  • Primary


    Year 1 to Year 5 delivers subjects based on the Vietnamese, Singapore and Western Curriculums:

    • Vietnamese MOET Curriculum
    • English language through English SOSE, HPE, ICT, The Arts – Developed from Singapore Curriculum & Western curriculum
    • Chinese language offered
  • Junior High

    Junior High

    Year 6 to Year 9 delivers subjects based on the Vietnamese and Singapore Curriculums:

    • Vietnamese MOET Curriculum
    • English language through English, SOSE, HPE, ICT, The Arts – Developed from Singapore curriculum & Western curriculum
    • English Preparation Programme – International developed programme (designed to strengthen academic English skills)
    • Chinese language offered

    The Integrated Programme concludes at the end of Year 9. Students then join the International Senior High School Programme commencing with the IGCSE and leading on to either the GAC or International AS/A Levels. Vietnamese students will also study Vietnamese Literature, History and Geography as required by Ministry of Education & Training (MOET).
  • Senior High School

    Senior High School

    Singapore International School is accredited as a Cambridge International Education Centre to offer and assess the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and International AS/A Levels. It is also accredited as an ACT Test Centre to conduct the American College Test.

    This school is also accredited to deliver the Global Assessment Certificate, a University Foundation Program under the Australian National Qualifications Framework and is currently working toward accreditation with the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC).

    International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

    • Two (2) year course
    • English (First Language or Second Language), Mathematics, Coordinated Science, ICT, Business Studies, Global Perspectives – Cambridge Curriculum
    • Chinese or Vietnamese language
    • English Preparation Programme – Australian developed programme (Academic English skills)
    • Vietnamese Curriculum subjects: Literature, History and Geography

    University Foundation Programme – Global Assessment Certificate (GAC)

    • Intensive 1 year University Preparation Programme
    • Provides a pathway into university bachelor degree programmes in countries worldwide including: Australia, Canada, United States, Singapore and United Kingdom
    • The GAC is the only international university preparation programme that includes the ACT (American College Test) test as part of its curriculum
    • Recognised under the Australian National Qualifications Framework as a Certificate IV qualification
    • Vietnamese Curriculum subjects: Literature, History and Geography

    Cambridge International AS/A Levels

    A Level

    • Created by the University of Cambridge especially for international groups
    • Internationally benchmarked (125 countries)
    • Students can undertake Cambridge International AS and A level study over 2 years before applying for University entry.

    AS Level

    • Half the content of A Level
    • Can be completed in one year
    • Qualification in its own right

    Subject Offered

    • English Language AS Level
    • Mathematics A/AS Level
    • Physics A/AS Level
    • Sociology A/AS Level
    • Economics A/AS Level
    • English Literature (Year 2) AS Level
    • Vietnamese Curriculum subjects: Literature, History and Geography