Secondary and High School Students Have Transformed Vietnamese Literature Lessons 🎥🎞

🌞🌞 At the Singapore International School at Can Tho, Secondary and High School students have transformed Vietnamese Literature lessons into captivating experiences. They explore timeless literary masterpieces such as “Chuyện Người Con Gái Nam Xương,” “Lục Vân Tiên,” “Truyện Kiều,” “Chữ Người Tử Tù,” and “Cuộc Chiến Thành Troy.” 🗣️🤜🤛

🎬📸📺 Engaging in creative activities, they reimagine scenes, enact dialogues, and delve into the cultural context behind these classics. Through interactive discussions, dramatic presentations, and multimedia projects, students breathe life into these stories, fostering a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese literature while making learning vibrant and immersive.