Back To School

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school and, most of all, we welcome all the big smiles.

We’re smiling because our school is growing. It seems only like it was yesterday that Singapore International School (SIS) opened its doors in Can Tho to 49 wonderful students. This year, we are greeting almost 150 students.  Some things haven’t changed – the enjoyment on many faces of students as they come to school. Seeing the excitement on students’ faces is a true motivator for teachers. The students like coming to school and the teachers like seeing students eager to come to school. It’s a win-win situation.

We’re smiling because of diverse teachers coming to school. We have brought to our campus more outstanding teachers from Vietnam and from other countries: South Africa, the Netherlands, Turkey, the Philippines, China, etc. The CEO of KinderWorld Education Group, Ricky Tan, is an adamant supporter of diversity. To become global citizens, today’s youth must learn to work with people of diverse backgrounds, various cultures, and numerous lifestyles. At SIS, students are educated by teachers of various ages, races, ethical backgrounds, and so on.

Finally, we can expect smiles from future teachers. In addition to new students and new teachers, SIS is communicating with universities and colleges to develop internship programs for student teachers during their final years of education. These inspiring educators will be offered to join the faculty of SIS and learn about our international approaches of teaching. As we grow, we will continue to bring new educators for our new students.

We’re very happy to see everyone back to school. This year will be another good year.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Synclair