Year 2022 – 2023

  • School Life

    Welcome Back To School

    Christmas Charity Fairs

    2 days OBV course SIS@CanTho

    Mid-Autumn 2023

    The OBV programme for Year 8 to Year 10 at SIS@CanTho


    Teacher's Day

    STEM day at SIS@CanTho

  • Special Event

    Christmas Charity Fair

    The Sport Day 2023

    [SIS @ CanTho] The Sport Day 2023 for Primary students.
    🏁🏁The Sport Day 2023 at Singapore International School at Can Tho for Primary students was a fun-filled event that brought together students from different houses to participate in various sports activities. The students were divided into four houses – Griffin, Basilisk, Kraken, and Phoenix – and each house displayed great enthusiasm and sportsmanship.
    ⛹️⛹️The students attended several sports activities, including Badminton, Balance Ball Relay, Basketball Shots, Football, Dodgeball, and Tug-o-war, among others. They showed remarkable teamwork, determination, and skill during the various games. After a thrilling competition, the winner of Sport Day 2023 belonged to Griffin.
    🏆️🏆The students from Griffin House displayed excellent sportsmanship, determination, and teamwork, and their hard work paid off.
    👏 👏 The event was a great success, and it provided a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their skills, build teamwork, and create memories that they will cherish for a long time.

    Excursion to Pizza Company @ CanTho

    Open House at SIS@CanTho

    The visit of Hong Phat Kindergarten 2023

    Children's day at SIS@CanTho

    Excursion Trip to Ong De Ecotourism Village